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CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification is recognised worldwide and validates foundation-level knowledge and skills necessary for a career in PC maintenance, admin or support. It is the starting point for a career. The international, vendor-neutral certification proves competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. The course assumes no previous knowledge and is aimed at individuals wishing to gain an entry level qualification with a view to entering an IT career. The course is also suitable for individuals with basic experience and the pre-requisite skills, wishing to gain a formal PC technician qualification.


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Part I 220-901

  • Motherboards, Processor, and Memory
  • Storage device and power supplies
  • Peripherals and expansion slots
  • Display devices
  • Installing and configuring printers
  • Understanding laptops
  • Custom configuration
  • Understanding mobile devices
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Network fundamentals
  • Introduction to TCP/IP
  • Installing wireless & SOHO networks
  • Network troubleshooting

Part II 220-902

  • Operating system basics
  • Operating system administrations
  • Working with Windows 7
  • Working with Windows 8.1
  • Working with Mac OS and Linux
  • Security
  • Network services, cloud computing and virtualization
  • Mobile operating systems and connectivity
  • Troubleshooting theory, OSs and security
  • Understanding operational procedure


  • 220-901 & 220-902

Leads to Certifications

  • CompTIA A+

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