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Cloud Essentials

The course grants participants an insight to cloud computing from a commercial and technical aspect. This certification earns you the tag of being familiar with cloud computing concepts. Professionals understand the method of moving to, and managing the cloud. The exam objectives of CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification were designed by IT entrepreneurs in assistance with the Cloud Credential Council. Though not mandatory, CompTIA suggests training participants to have around 6 months of work experience in an IT-related environment.


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  • What is cloud computing?
  • Cloud models
  • Service models
  • Current cloud technologies
  • Cloud business value
  • Cloud infrastructure planning
  • Strategies for cloud adoption
  • Applications in the cloud
  • Cloud service rollout
  • Cloud service-level management
  • Security in cloud
  • Privacy and compliance


  • CLO-001

Leads to Certifications

  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials

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